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Over 25 years of providing commercial and government legal services with focus on intellectual property and government, commercial and international technology transactions. Clients range from start-ups to multi-national/global companies.

Legal Services

Commercial Transactions

  • Software Licensing and Maintenance Agreements
  • Royalty and other Revenue Sharing Agreements
  • Hardware Manufacturing Agreements
  • Software Escrow Arrangements and Agreements
  • Channel/Supply-Chain Management Agreements
  • Reseller and VAR Agreements
  • Development License Agreements
  • Open Source
  • Cloud Computing Licensing
  • Other Outbound/Inbound Licensing
  • On-Line Web-Based Product Launch
    • Advertising Text Review
    • Product Labeling
    • On-Line/Web-Page Automation Development
    • Web-Store Collateral
    • Click-Thru Contracts And Documentation
    • Terms of Use/Terms of Service
  • Contracting Templates
    • NDA
    • RFP/RFQ/Sources Sought/Proposal
    • Software Perpetual
    • Software Subscription (SaaS)
    • FAQs
    • Click Accept Contracts
    • Interactive Web Agreements
    • Web Linking
    • Web Hosting
    • White-Labeling
    • Multi-Product/Multi-Country EULAs
    • OEM
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Policies and Procedures
    • FCPA
    • Privacy
    • Social Media
    • Sexual Harassment

Government Contracting

  • Thorough Understanding of FAR, DFAR, DARPA, and other Federal and State Regulations
  • Government Contract Bid and Proposal Support
    • Sources Sought
    • RFI
    • RFQ
    • RFP
    • Proposals
    • Teaming Agreements
    • Teaming Agreements
    • Subcontracts
    • Subcontract Proposals
    • Award Disputes
  • FCPA and Facilitating Payment Compliance
  • Revolving Door Compliance
  • Contract and Subcontract Negotiation and Administration
  • SSAM (CCR/ORCA/CAGE CODE) Registration

  • GOVERNMENT CONTRACT CLOSURES - THIS IS A SOURCE OF REVENUE FOR YOUR COMPANY!! Let us help you close out your contracts and subcontracts in an timely and effective manner! Government withold money earns interest!

Regulatory and Legal Compliance